The father and son had always challenged each other in sports and work ethic. But when sonny got married and moved away, that left quite a hole, especially in dad's life. After being married two months, the newly weds came back home for an over night visit. After supper and the 'girls' were yakking in the kitchen, Dad was kind of jabbing his son over who had the most prowess and stamina in the bedroom. He proposed a contest of who was best and to keep track of who was best. Rather reluctantly the son agreed. So when it was time to hit the sack, sonny promptly 'got to work'. He kept a note pad on the endtable and made note "1". After a little recovery time, he 'got to work' again and added another "11". Now rather tired and satisfied, he slept well thru the night. Upon awakening, he thought he'd better add another insurance lovin'. So after adding his third mark, he got up and found his dad already up and having a cup of coffee. Dad was acting pretty high and mighty and condescending at the same time. "So Son, how'd you do?" Son showed Dad his notepad with "111" marks on it. Dad looks shocked and amazed! "dang you beat me by four"!