This scam is used against whites and Hispanics as well. I was told about this by some very old black me sitting near a warehouse i had rented in Kansas City. The place was next to a Police garage and these old guys could point out each officer as they came in or out and knew the story on most of them. They could tell you who was a good cop and a bad one.
First off it is pretty well known around Kansas City and the surrounding towns that when you make a complaint against a cop around here you damn well better do it through a lawyer or as soon as you leave the police station you will be arrested for something.No matter what color you are.

The scam: The KCMO POlICE policy on cops turning in reports is they have 7 days to turn an incident report. As far as i know that is still the rule.
A cop stops a guy and does a frisk on him and finds let's say they find him with $300.00 and it is his legitimately. The cop then says." You are in a drug area and i think you might be wanting to purchase drugs and i think this is drug money so i am going to seize it' Actually the drug area is just his neighbor hood. The cop says you bring proof to the station that this money is your and you can have it back. As i said before you better have an attorney when you go to the station. Joe victim knows this and cannot afford an attorney. Thus the crooked cop waits the 7 days before he turns in that report and after seven days and you haven't filed and thing At the police station to get your money back HE THEN DOESN'T FILE THAT REPORT AND YOUR MONEY GOES INTO HIS POCKET!

This type stuff happens daily to people of lower middle class and poor(of all colors;( i can see how when you are black and live in the black part of town and you see it happening to black people by white officers then you will think it is racist.) in the city . Don't come at me with it was welfare money or drug money. I AM TALKING ABOUT LEGITIMATE MONEY. Also there are black officers that do this as well. The KCMO police force is overwhelming white and in the last ten years they for most part have their heads shaved and look some what **** like.

This is stuff that you most likely il never here about while living a good comfortable life in the country