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Thread: Question For Anna II

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faust100F View Post
    Thanks for posting that policy, it is kinda nice to have a refresher course of what we are all here for. Db do you understand the rules now that TG has reposted them for you, we have to watch Gnatty he is the real rule breaker on this site and we all know ECI is the trouble maker, and the Alzado Bros. keep trying to convert infidels to Islam. LMAO! John
    Which one am I breaking John?? I don't want to go to banned camp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 48 View Post
    TG: You said: "You stated you were "GOING TO RUN ME OFF."

    Could you be so kind as to Copy&Paste my post where I said that? You can't. Soooo...you are a trouble maker, and you know what the rules say about "trouble makers." Thanx for posting them.
    TG: Still waiting. 420 alleged that I edited it out. You agreed. Weeeellll...I went thru this entire thread, and I have not edited a single post. Both of you are trouble making trolls, and you know what the Forum Rules say about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 420 View Post

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