Alzado,Alzado,Alzado we do not have a lot of working people in the United States any more, haven't you had that information passed down to you by the Mullah yet? I think that you have a problem with work! Most owning land in the United States (except for the lucky sperm cells as you call them who inherit it) did what was necessary to own their land, because you believe that facing Mecca five times a day and wearing out your little magic carpets is more important than holding a job for 8 hours a day, or accepting risk to pursue a dream.

Of course, I understand that Islam has no room for "dreamers" and that is why it has no time for the Infidel. You see . . . Western Civilization is full of dreamers who believe if you can conceive it, you can achieve it. The problem with the Muslim's and the poor, hungry, homless cannon fodder you support as your ideal person, is that they do not have a vision of where they want to go with their lives.

You see when you were born, your birthright, was not one of freedom to choose your destiny, you forfeited your rights to becoming enlightened, educated, self sufficient, and most important to dream and to expend your life as you see fit. Being poor, homeless, and hungry is not in itself a bad thing. Most American Immigrants can relate to situation in their lives, but they had one thing that lacks in your world, and that is to make a better life than the one they left behind. Generations have passed from the original American Ancestor who made the choice to leave a native country so they and decendant's could also have a better life.

Islam wants something for nothing, and it wants to destroy what it lacks ambition to achieve. So those "lucky sperm cells" as you call us, are lucky only because some ancestor sacrificed everything so we could build upon what that started and in turn I think we are "self made lucky sperm cells". In researching my ancestors, they arrived in Philadelphia in 1733, on the British Ship Elizabeth, there were fourteen in the family when they started the voyage, after fleeing Germany to Rotterdam, because they were Protestant, several children died on that voyage, they were sworn in as British Subjects in Philadelphia, became Pennsylvania farmers, then fought against the British in the Revolution, then migrated West to Ohio, then Indiana, then Iowa. So that is how this "lucky sperm cell" became a farmer, and the voyage of my ancestors is a story of most of the "lucky sperm cells" in America also share.

That immigration is still going on, I have a Vietnamese family that just moved into a home near me in DSM. They were in Vietnam as farmers just two years ago. They speak little English but they have jobs, and from where they came to where they are now, I am sure they feel rich and blessed. When one of the kids needed to use a phone when he was locked out he came to our house to ask to use it. He told me his father had been a farmer in Vietnam, and wondered how many Water Buffalo I needed to farm my farm. These kids go to an American School and spend an additional 60 hours a week with tutors to learn English and become Americans.

That is the way it was done when my german ancestors arrived here, and that is the way it is still being done when a Vietnamese family with next to nothing but themselves and their desire to have a better life than what they had in Vietnam arrives today.

But then we have the hateful Muslims who only want to make bomber vests and destroy the infidel. That will never happen, because the Great Satan will turn the Middle East to dust if necessary. It happened to the Japanese and it will happen to the Muslims if they do not get their act together. Adios Amigo. John aka Infidel