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    I guess I'm not following you, Tallgrass. My comment was only about your statement about how could jihadists infitrate this country. Just yesterday I think it was, a van load of 19 illegals from mexico crashed during a pursuit by law enforcement. The southern border is practically an open door to anyone who wants to infiltrate this country.

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    Closet liberals like to refer to themselves as independents or moderates.

    I have more respect for a flaming liberal. They posses core convictions and stand firmly to them. They may be 180 degrees out of phase, and I pray that the light will go on some day, thus their conversion. After all, those are the best conservatives, the ones who have been inside of the head of a liberal, having realized they have been possessing the real chump head of one. Independent means, "I don't know for sure, I might change my mind". Whatever way the wind blows today, wishy, washy.

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    The real question is how could a corrupt system of Godlessness takes over some place between Communism and Anarachy of Mafia style KIngship of a few came to own all the wealth in the US, and the rest alowed themselves to be made mere Slaves of debt that the kings used to amass all the wealth with?

    Both agriculture and health care are good examples.

    Health care was once an institution of compashion, helping the less fortunate through mere charity and concern for others.
    Today its a mecca of profits for a few, the insurance industry represents a mafia/gambling system of raping the people of their livelyhood, and quality and longgivity of life is in the crapper.

    Agriculture is a high volume low quality system depleting the nations natural resources in bids of corn utopia farming, emassing profits for a few, and now leaving the US the poorest and lest healthy nation on earth, a bounus to the health care industry with sugar and the dumbing up it provides, contributing to health detriment issues and profits for the mafia system of extoration.

    and yet the US increases its dependence not only on energy imports, but also imports of food, crazy and ignorant, leaving the posterity in dispear and ignorance by example.

    Their are NO conservatives, conservatives would call for an end of government, being of a rational mind that NO government is better than bad government. NO government is better than being slaves of a communistic Godless government.

    All the reason to why people left Europe, is what the people have came to alow by their ignorance the US has become.

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    INfiltrate, is that what the native Americans saw when those of the Europian ownership of land saw with the first white people showed up? Or was it the Mexicans who first existed in, the Southern part of the US itself, who saw an infiltration from the time of the Spanards on? The question needs to be answered, are Mexicans Native Ameicans or Spanards when they Infiltrate the US?

    Or are Mexicans just people coming back to reclaim their land they once held?
    Who would be the infiltrators in Texas a thousand years ago verse today, , the Europians, the Spanards, Mexicans, Native Americans, or the Mongolian/Asian people?

    Does Ronald Regan who never started up a successfull bussiness, making something from nothing, really know what capitalism is, or does he just put on a good show. We vote, show.

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    Does Joe, who never wrote a successfully published book know how to contribute useful, logical, arguments, or does he just pretend to by dominating every thread spewing his hatred toward anything American?

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    Now narrow that down, which is More American? South America, Central America, or North America?

    How would you argue which is more American of those three Choices?

    Whats an American bill? A God fearing, honest working, family Man with Two to Ten kids and a wife would be our example of a Real American, what is yours?

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    Sorry for your confusion. In the U.S.A. we believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom to worship as we please without persecution. A land where you can freely speak without fear that the government will make you silent, permanently.
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    Be happy, dont worry.

    The US holds the world record for incarceration of people at the highest ratio. and what ever did happen to those political prisoners in cuba anyway? and how is that going with the sex party they had in America also?

    So obamanations SOCIALIST health care plan to make everybody pay for the abortions to silence the children, doesnt that contradict your statement, "a land where you can speak without fear that the government will make you silent, permanently."

    guess you been slapped up the side of the head and proven "WRONG" Bill, but keep speaking your ignorance and stupidity, its a free country without fear of the government.....

    But you should have a fear of God, you should recognize the One True God rather than the socialist governrment YOU recognize as YOUR God.

    Obamanation wants to silence the children by mutilating them to death, permentantly, dont lie to yourself and plead ignorannce and stupidity. and his socialist government wants all the slaves to pay for it, while the rich get tax breaks to stimulate the fictional economy for the gain of the rich.
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    Many nations just kill you without a trial, end of story.

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    I do have a fear of God, also the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

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