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Thread: we my need a new coach

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    Senior Member iadave is on a distinguished road
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    Yeh, Lincoln may have a decent team, but all they have to do is break probation and they are SOL! LOL

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    Senior Member mfsman is on a distinguished road
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    We have a lot on talk radio in our section of the country. I was going to a track meet for a granddaughter and listening to a sports talk program and Arkansas was listed as the 7th most profitable NCAA football program in the country by Forbes for money generated. I think it a greater commendation for what the AD did in Fayetteville. How many would continue in office in Congress if same standards were exacted for similar behavior? There are a lot of jokes circulating for condition at expense of program, but thankful for a sense of integrity. Petrino will be hired and no surprized if not someone in SEC in future or any other major BCS conference in need of revenue.

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    Senior Member davidm479 is on a distinguished road
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    W C Arkansas
    we still have a lot of talk about this I sid some good would come of this well today a doaner gave the SCHOOL $1.200,000 because JEFF LONG {the suprem power} stood up and did the right thing in FIREING Petrino and by doing so keeping Arkansas pride I bet we end up with whole lot better coach in the future although we have good line coaches now---------------------------dave

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