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Thread: Howdy

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    DR, we had a micro brewery that was going to start up and asked if we would grow some hops. well he never started up but my nephew wanted some. so my brother Jim got to looking what it would take to start some. the first year you only get them started
    its the second year you finally get some actual hops. yeilded quite good. he took some of our wheat and made a honey wheat beer
    He's made several kinds , I know made a dark one too. has a frigde that he makes a keg at a time. the equipment he welded
    up in our shop.

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    That sounds just great Duke i'll love to taste that honey wheat beer, that's one of my next batches honey beer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCCdairy10 View Post
    I will love to go all grain but i think i'll be doing some kits first then i'll get an unhopped malt extract and get fresh hops and then i will start doing all grain beer.
    Not a bad idea, crawl before you walk, and if you make it right crawl after you make it!! Its quite the endevour. My nutritionist makes his own liquor... talk about crawling after you drink that!
    "You are only as good as your next success, not your last" Sir Jock Stirrup

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