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Thread: Dodged another one . . .

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    [QUOTE=db51;230143]Funny A$$hholes! QUOTE]

    db -- Dose that mean you love me??? That's what my wife always calls me!!! LMAO

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    Here we are, watching the achievers at work...and further sout...received this from a school mate, now retired
    living in Dallas/FortWorth area...chit, he doesn't mention his two son's in law...one in Afghanistan, the other there
    in FortWorth too.

    All is well with us. I don't know how we all escaped the weather but we did. We had at least 12 tornadoes in and around the metroplex, two of which were huge. Several towns around here got hit pretty hard. No fatalities and only minor injuries. Sort of a helpless feeling when you watch the weather maps on TV and see the tornadoes heading towards you or towards where Kirsten and Kate were. Kirsten was at work in Carrollton and Kate was being babysat in Irving. Tornadoes heading to both places often at the same time. The weather casters said they'd never seen Fort Worth and Dallas get hit at the same time before until yesterday. So, today we are very thankful to Ma Nature for leaving us the hell alone.

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