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Thread: Winter wheat crop in trouble?

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    Senior Member davidm479 is on a distinguished road
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    most of mine hit the ground last night with the 80 mph wind we had most at full head laying flat don"t know if will come back up or not Momo yours has a good collor to it ----------------------dave

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    Senior Member MOMOSARIC is on a distinguished road
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    Dave, in what stage is your wheat when she lay down?
    Is there a class maybe?
    Here it is impossible to hit the ground this early. Those who sow the older varieties of wheat , "high" , use moddus Syngenta, or the newer varieties are resistant to lay down.
    I like, as we say here, "the wheat with a mustache" catches one to another and rarely hit the ground. I do not have to be careful how much I give nitrogen.

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