Cannot retrieve This is getting serious April Milk down -63 cents on Friday
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Thread: This is getting serious April Milk down -63 cents on Friday

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    Quote Originally Posted by PERCY View Post
    PL, I hope you're right, cuz the futures don't look that bright to me. At what point do clean house again? You people had no winter, so does that mean no summer, too?
    I hate cleaning my house.... that is why I got married.... yeah, I went there... though, of course I am joking.

    Futures don't look too great, but these tight spots are only going to be more often as we continue to weed out some operations... now if only we could do something about that make allowance...
    "You are only as good as your next success, not your last" Sir Jock Stirrup

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    Well, it's been around 3 weeks since I started this thread....Not looking any better yet is it? We haven't any rain since late summer last year or maybe it was September. At the time, it was a daily event. Still rooking forward to fresh cows coming on board..........Man, seems to take forever. Only b

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    never mind spell check, the same guys/lady fixed my origanal draft also

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    So CDP, I went and had a few beers, and your pontificating made a lot more sense, but not enuf to be sense. Guess I better start on the hard stuff, and then just fall asleep, cuz I won't be missin' nuttin!!

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