Three guys from the North country all showed up at the Pearly Gates at about the same time. Saint Peter came out to meet them and to ask them some questions. He asked each one how they managed to arrive at the Pearly Gates.

The first one said, "Well, I'm a trapper and was out checking my trap line. As I rode my horse along the edge of this canyon, I heard a horse racing down the canyon below. I looked over the edge and here came this man, stark naked riding his horse at full speed down the canyon with his shirt held above his head and the wind blowing it straight out behind him. I thought it was terrible that he was flaunting himself so brazenly, not knowing if there might be some ladies coming down the canyon, and since there happened to be an outhouse setting there, I pushed it over the rim on top of him, killing him. After thinking for a few minutes I realized that I didn't know the circumstances and I shouldn't have caused the mans death. I was so remorseful that I flung myself over the cliff in shame , And, Saint Peter, that is how I got here."

Saint Peter told him that since he did show remorse, even though what he did was very wrong, he would let him go on in to Heaven.

The second man said, "Well, I'm a trapper too, and I was running my trapline at the bottom of this canyon and I found a very large angry skunk in one of my traps. Before I could get close enough to club him, he sprayed me all over with his scent. I got sick and was puking and almost unable to breathe, so I stripped off my clothes, and took a bath in the creek, washed my clothes and since I figured there was nobody within miles, I would ride towards home naked, until my clothes I was holding over my shoulder dried. I thought if I rode fast, the air would dry them faster. Then out of nowhere, this outhouse fell on me and, Saint Peter, that is how I got here.

Saint Peter told him that since he didn't do anything wrong, that he could go on in to Heaven.

The third man said, Well, Saint Peter, I am a trapper too, and I was riding along the rim of this canyon, looking for a good place to take a crap, and all of a sudden I saw this outhouse.