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Thread: Double WI Dairy Herds

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan11 View Post
    Lets get this straight now......... Hauling cheese and butter in from Iowa to the west , hauling milk in from Michigan to the east .
    Ya know Paul , dem dar Wisconsin dairy guys could even triple, or quadruple production ! After all there is still Illinois to the south , and Minnesota also lies to the west !!!!!!! LMAO . JHF . Dan
    yup Dan ...and they dont evan have to buy the cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    we're talking expantion agian, uhhgg, as one farm here is moving to western NY, world market and local demand are starting to cross here. this pricing is going to get more regional agian in my oppion if they want milk to be close to the consumer for class I and classII products.

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