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Thread: Hey Small Guy

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    Hey Small Guy

    Was just wondering if any of the big storms was close to you a couple of weeks ago ?? Looked like some were near Evansville .

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    Personally, I was lucky. The closest tornado was about 6 miles from my house and 3 miles from the dairy. We spent 2 hours in tornado positions at the school and the tornado was about 8 miles from our school. We had no loss of life locally. Four farmers were hit with differing degrees of damage. My 12 year-old and I helped the neighbor clean up what was left of his 40X80, but some grain farmers down the road lost 3 bins and their main tool shed. In the grand scheme of it, we were much luckier here than those folks up in Henryville, IN or the folks over in Harrisburg, IL.

    A suburb of Evansville to the East took a hit the day Harrisburg got hit, but no one died or was seriously injured. Just a lot more property damage.

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