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Thread: Auger Feed Wagon for 4 wheeler

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    Auger Feed Wagon for 4 wheeler

    Can anyone help. I got an e-copy of a livestaock magazine, don't recall the name. There was an ad for an auger feed wagon desinged to be pulled by a 4 wheller. It had a moter the produced the pressure to run so no PTO was required. I lost the link. Does anyone recall seeing such a product? Thanks in advance for any information.

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    Senior Member Normande is on a distinguished road
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    The one i know about was made in Kansas, could put in on all kinds of frames, but unfotunatly I lost the info as well.

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    There is a couple of outfits that make them. Personally the one in the link I provided looks pretty flimsy. Only 1 axle, little/no suspension & pretty small tires that would be ripped to shreds under 400 pounds of cake in our hills & cattle trails.

    Suggestion: just get a good trailer for behind your 4-wheeler and put whatever cake feeder you want on it. My prerequisites would be multiple axles with some walking axles and/or decent suspension. Something like [url]http://www.countryatv.com/twinaxleatv.htm[/url] or similar. I know of one fella who used an old boat trailer. Just gotta make sure the electrical needs of the feeder can be met by your 4-wheeler.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the help. Think I will go with the ATV wagon. They look stronger likethey can take rough work.

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