This old boy turned 65 and told his wife, "I am going down the the Social Security office and get myself a check." His wife replied, "Honey, you know for years and years we have never been able to get a new birth certificate for you. You can't prove you are 65." He said, "I have worked all these years and I am going to give it a try." And he left.
A couple of hours later he came in the door waving a check around andsaid, "look at this! I am going to get one of these from now on!"
"How did you do it?" she asked. He said, "well I was explaining my problem to a lady, and I thoughtI would just open my shirt up so she could see all the gray hair and the sunken in chest." "When she saw that, she told me that I had to be at least 65 and she cut me a check."
She screamed, "YOU OLD FOOL" "why didn't you drop your pants?" You could have gotten TOTAL DISABILITY!!"