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Thread: Sprayer tips

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    Sprayer tips

    Just wondering what you fellas that spray prefer for tips. Been running flood jets on 40 inch centers on my old pull type sprayer for years. Got 10 gpa at 20lbs. pressure. Always seemed to work satisfactorily. Updated to a little better pull type sprayer and went in to the local fertilizer plant to check what tips it had in it and my dealer recommended turbo tee-jets. Said they were better for herbicides. 20 inch centers, 30lb. pressure, 10 gpa. Tried it yesterday on a nice spraying day for here, winds 10mph or less. Could see a mist drifting a little as I sprayed along my and my neighbors wheat. Will know in a few days how bad it drifted but wouldn't have had a problem with the old floodjets on a day like yesterday. Just wondering what you guys like to use.

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    4450 the turbo T's are great tips IF there is no wind ! The manager at the co-op I lease'd out to caame out of the offie one day andtold me and another app driver he got this great deal and told we had to run them that day . I only had to changd 73 tips and put the others in ! BOY was I pizzy !!!!!!!!!!!! We were very busy and now had to F with this !

    Well the wind pick'd up and the spray was going everywhere than where it was suppose to !!

    Me and the other app driver pull'd in the plant , unfolded and start'd changeing back to the tips we had been useing ! Palnt manager came back out and was NOT happy at what he saw , told us we really need'd to run them WE told him then he was going to start driveing the sprayer and we would sit on our azz in the office , he then said well OK change them back .

    As far as me I really like my air induction tips ! I will look at my book this afternoon on the tips that wwould work for you , I just may have a set that would work for you , if I will send them to you , no charge ! Ken

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    I tried turbo t's an hated them, nothing like watching the wind take the spray and run! I now run air induction tips at 10 gpa and have had good luck with them, I run them on all roundup. For pre plant/pre emerge corn and straight fungicide I use regular flat fan nozzles and run 15 gpa.

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