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Thread: Shut down the EPA

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    Shut down the EPA

    Great news all yee farmers! We now have the gestapo calling on farms and by the way they are told before visiting the little house on the prairie they will find something wrong and you, Mr. Farmer will be fined for something. This is our government hard at work. Mr. Reid is saying no cuts on EPA. Wait just a darn minute, you mean this government of ours is sending out people to the country side and looking for ways to garner money because something is wrong on the farm. How about finding a problem and correcting it first. If you don't comply then maybe some action might be in order. I think farmers do a heck of a job in monitoring their farms for waste and pollution. We don't need another branch of government dictating wtf we need to do, do we? Shut the government down......all branchs, no payments to anyone untill we people can get our sheet together. We are out of control.

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    Greg: Good post.

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    Each state has a DNR or similar agency. We don't need a national one.


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